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Zelda by Connie Furnari

Zelda by Connie Furnari

Zelda by Connie Furnari

When Zelda wakes up, after losing a duel in magic, she finds herself in a body that isn’t hers. She doesn’t have blond hair anymore, they are black with some purple locks; she is wearing new-gothic clothes, not her usual faded jeans. Sheila, who had been her best friend, decided to swap their lives with a spell.

While she’s immobilized, waiting to die, Zelda remembers the day when her powers appeared: the day of her sixteenth birthday.

Only a few weeks before, she didn’t know that she would find herself fighting against Salem’s black magic in order to save the mortal boy she loved.

Zelda is an urban fantasy tale that recalls the light and magical style of the fairy tales; the story alternates tender moments, action and bravery. It’s the experience of a girl like many others, a little clumsy but with a good heart, who finds out how difficult it is to grow up, with or without magical powers.


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