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Inspector Sohlberg Series by Jens Amundsen

Inspector Sohlberg Series by Jens Amundsen

The Inspector Sohlberg crime novels by Jens Amundsen join Scandinavia’s best crime detective series, including the Inspector Wallander series by Henning Mankell, Inspector Sejer series by Karin Fossum, Inspector Gunnarstranda series by K. O. Dahl, Detective Harry Hole series by Jo Nesbø, and Girl With Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

1. Sohlberg and The Gift

Sohlberg and the Gift is about murder and the worst of betrayals.

And who is the best person to investigate the worst of betrayals?

Chief Inspector Harald Sohlberg. A cranky misfit. A contrarian. Politically incorrect in the extreme. Definitely not part of the mindless herd. He hates social groupthink and always thinks outside the proverbial box. He certainly does not buy into the myth of Norway as a happy socialist paradise.

Inspector Sohlberg investigates not one but many betrayals and miscarriages of justice. As he does so, he delves deeper into the true nature of Norwegian society, which is not a multicultural utopia. Oslo suffers a crime rate far greater than New York City and all is not well with immigrants in this realistic portrayal of Oslo and Norway.

It’s Christmas and Inspector Harald Sohlberg risks losing his recent promotion to Chief Inspector of the Oslo politidistrikt. Why? Because of a recent visit from a mysterious female—Astrid Isaksen. Her visit triggers a chain reaction of events that exposes the worst of betrayals. Because the greatest betrayal is from those closest to you.

Chief Inspector Sohlberg breaks into sealed court files. He sneaks into an insane asylum under false pretenses and likewise trespasses into the high-security mountain fortress holding the National Archives of the Norwegian government. He intervenes in another detective’s “open-and-shut” case.

The level-headed Sohlberg violates department protocol for his young visitor. Could the happily married detective be cheating on his wife? Even the straight arrow can bend or break.

C.I. Sohlberg puts himself at risk of getting disciplined or fired. Has he been duped into playing the part of an unsuspecting pawn? Regardless, he must take the blame and the inevitable fall from grace if he gets caught.

It’s Christmas: a season of hope and redemption and gift-buying and parties and vacations. It’s certainly not the best time for Chief Inspector Sohlberg to investigate a homicide case that is full of dead ends and not even his to investigate. After all, the case is considered “closed” and “over and done with” at the highest levels of the Norwegian Police Service.

2. Sohlberg and the Missing Schoolboy

Chief Inspector Harald Sohlberg returns to the Oslo police district where his career started and almost ended in disgrace and scandal.

Although he is experienced with hardened and heartless criminals, C.I. Harald Sohlberg has never met as devious and brilliant a criminal mind as when he is called to investigate an unsolved case in Holmenkollen, one of Oslo’s sleepy and boring suburbs.

C.I. Sohlberg meets his match amid the beautiful homes and gardens of Oslo’s well-to-do professional class. An elementary school—Grindbakken Skole, Pilot Hill School—becomes Ground Zero for the most shocking and unforgettable of crimes.

Confronted with his own difficult and controversial past, Sohlberg must now find a missing 7-year-old boy who vanished while he was inside his school, surrounded by classmates, teachers, and parents at a science fair. The case brings back memories of Norway’s worst serial predator, Lommemannen The Pocket Man, and his predecessor, The Smiley Face Killer.

3. Sohlberg and the White Death

The murder of an Interpol translator in France. Nine mutilated bodies found under a fish shack in remote Tromsø in northern Norway. A $ 6 million dollar bribe for a Norwegian detective. Chief Inspector Sohlberg is in danger.

Organized crime is, indeed, organized. It does business between different crime families across the world. The novel is based on the author’s investigation into heroin and meth labs, which are big business. Some are even based in North Korea. Globalization isn’t just for legit business or capitalists.

There’s also one crime in the making that doesn’t even come close to the “Mass Murder” category. And that crime requires Sohlberg to do the unthinkable in this gripping novel about obsession, paranoia, organized crime, and whether it’s better for a few to be sacrificed so that many will live. Or is it better for many to be sacrificed so that a few get to live?

4. Sohlberg and The Lost Leg

A leg is lost on the street. A killer is on the loose. The victims seem to have been waiting for their murder. Death also follows Poppy, a most humble man who says that he only wants to “talk reason.”

A killer smiles and asks Chief Inspector Sohlberg: “Do memories have weight?”

Lowlifes mix with High Society and it’s hard to tell which is which in a world of shadows where there is no right or wrong, just shades of anything goes. But one man can tell the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Meet Chief Inspector Sohlberg. He knows the difference. And he knows that memories have weight. In this case, he finds out just how much weight.

Join Chief Inspector Sohlberg as he embarks on a journey into a heart of darkness that leads him from Oslo to London and Palm Beach.


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