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The Space Odyssey Series by Arthur C. Clarke

The Space Odyssey Series by Arthur C. Clarke

The Space Odyssey series is a science fiction series of four novels from 1968 to 1997, primarily by the writer Arthur C. Clarke.
Two early short stories by Clarke (Included in this release) may also be considered part of the series.

2001: A Space Odyssey 

When an enigmatic monolith is found buried on the moon, scientists are amazed to discover that it’s at least 3 million years old. Even more amazing, after it’s unearthed the artifact releases a powerful signal aimed at Saturn. What sort of alarm has been triggered? To find out, a manned spacecraft, the Discovery, is sent to investigate. Its crew is highly trained–the best–and they are assisted by a self-aware computer, the ultra-capable HAL 9000. But HAL’s programming has been patterned after the human mind a little too well. He is capable of guilt, neurosis, even murder, and he controls every single one of Discovery’s components. The crew must overthrow this digital psychotic if they hope to make their rendezvous with the entities that are responsible not just for the monolith, but maybe even for human civilization.

2010: Odyssey Two 

Nine years after the disastrous Discovery mission to Jupiter in 2001, a joint U.S.-Soviet expedition sets out to rendezvous with the derelict spacecraft *to search the memory banks of the mutinous computer HAL 9000 for clues to what went wrong . . . and what became of Commander Dave Bowman.

Without warning, a Chinese expedition targets the same objective, turning the recovery mission into a frenzied race for the precious information Discovery may hold about the enigmatic monolith that orbits Jupiter.

Meanwhile, the being that was once Dave Bowman the only human to unlock the mystery of the monolith streaks toward Earth on a vital mission of its own . . .

2061: Odyssey Three 

Arthur C. Clark, creator of one of the world’s best-loved science fiction tales, revisits the most famous future ever imagined, as two expeditions into space become inextricably tangled. Heywood Floyd, survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monoliths, must again confront Dave Bowman, HAL, and an alien race that has decided that Mankind is to play a part in the evolution of the galaxy whether it wishes to or not.

3001: The Final Odyssey 

In A.D. 2001 the computer on board the United States Spaceship Discovery, en route to Jupiter’s moons, malfunctioned. Grappling frantically with the broken air hose of his spacesuit, Frank Poole had died in space. In A.D. 3001 his perfectly preserved body is retrieved. Technologies restore his life and Frank becomes a telepathic, machine-assisted inhabitant of the fourth millennium, with a lot to learn.


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