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Merman’s Kiss Series by Dee J. Stone

Merman’s Kiss (Merman’s Kiss, #1)

He saved her. Now it’s her turn to save him. 

When Cassie Price wipes out surfing, she’s rescued by a mysterious stranger with ocean blue eyes and golden hair. Before she can thank him, he disappears with a splash. The next morning she finds him unconscious on the beach. After bringing him to her house, she manages to wake him up. But the last thing she expects is for him to grow fins and a tail.

Merpeople. They exist. And this one is so captivating that Cassie is instantly drawn to him. Trusting guys has never been easy for her, but the more time she spends with the merman, the more her heart opens. With his inability to live on land for more than a few hours, Cassie questions whether they can ever have a future together. Being too invested, she can’t bear to part with him. When his existence is threatened to be exposed, Cassie must decide if she’s willing to let go of the only guy she’s ever loved.

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Merman’s Touch (Merman’s Kiss, #2)

Cassie Price and her merman boyfriend, Damarian, have declared their eternal love for one another and can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Damarian is slowly adjusting to life on land and Cassie is preparing for her first semester of college. But when an accident on the beach kills an innocent girl, they wonder if the merpeople have anything to do with it. Damarian rushes back home to sort it out and hopefully come back with good news.

But he never returns.

Cassie knows something’s wrong. Unable to wait any longer, she enters the ocean, desperately searching for the love of her life. What she discovers down in the sea is something worse than she could have ever imagined. It’s up to Cassie to save her merman—but it may be too late.

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Merman’s Bond (Merman’s Kiss #3)

After fighting off the rebel merpeople holding them hostage in the ocean, Cassie and Damarian finally make it back to land, to safety. Now they need to learn how to balance both their human and merpeople lives. Staying in the sea for too long causes Cassie’s friends and family to worry. But how can they remain on land when the merpeople colony is threatened by the rebels? As if that’s not enough, there are changes going on in Cassie’s body, changes that seem to have nothing to do with her mermaid side.

It’s not long before they learn the truth: Cassie’s very existence threatens to bring an end to the entire merpeople race. Can she and Damarian figure out how to stop it before they’re torn apart forever?

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Merman’s Love (Merman’s Kiss #4)

Now that Cassie Price knows what she really is and the danger she poses to the merpeople, she does everything she can to escape her fate. As the beast inside her grows stronger and stronger, her very essence grows less and less, and it won’t be long until she’s gone forever. But Damarian refuses to give up on the person who means the world to him. They share a bond that’s beyond anything anyone can imagine, but is their love strong enough to overcome this last obstacle? And will they finally have the happily ever they desperately want?

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Merman’s Devotion (Merman’s Kiss #5)

Nearly a year has passed since Damarian and Cassie met and they’ve put the past behind them. Cassie thinks the hardest thing she’d have to deal with in the upcoming days is finding the perfect anniversary gift for the love of her life and making the day as memorable as possible. But when Damarian starts acting strangely and refuses to speak to her, she knows something is very wrong. After finally wrestling the words out of him, she is faced with a reality she thought she buried months ago. They hurry to the ocean to try to make sense of it all, only to be faced with one obstacle after another.

Will the past come to haunt them and get in the way of their happiness?

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Merman’s Forever (Merman’s Kiss #6)

Cassie and Damarian’s big day is approaching and they can’t wait to finally be bonded as humans. Amidst the excitement and stress of planning the wedding, they never once stop showing each other how much they mean to one another. But when they return to land after visiting the ocean, Cassie and Damarian start feeling differently. Every kiss, touch, and whispered promise doesn’t hold the same meaning as it did over the past two years. It’s not long before they don’t feel anything for each other at all.

Damarian rushes to the sea to learn what’s causing this. What he discovers is worse than they could have possibly imagined. If they don’t find a solution soon, they may be lost to each other forever. Will Cassie and Damarian finally get their happy ending?

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Damarian (A Merman’s Kiss Novel)

You know Cassie’s side of the story. Now experience it all over again from Damarian’s point of view! *Please note: It is highly recommended that you read the first four books in the Merman’s Kiss series before diving into this one to avoid spoilers*

All his life, Damarian of the Sapphire clan has been told it’s his duty to marry the princess and take the throne. The crown rightfully belongs to his family, and this marriage will unite the five merpeople clans. But all Damarian wants is to fall madly in love with the female he marries. As much as he tries, he does not have those feelings for the princess.

Needing to escape his life, he swims away from his home, only to get caught in a dangerous storm. When he wakes up he finds himself on land, face to face with a female human. And with his sapphire tail replaced by legs. He assumes the human wants to harm him, but he soon learns she only wishes to help him return to the sea.

In the short time he spends with Cassie Price, he learns that they have a lot in common, despite being so different. She also stirs in him feelings he’s only dreamed of. When he is back in the sea and once again faced with the life he doesn’t want, he makes a decision to leave it all behind and seek a relationship with Cassie on land.

But is it worth risking his life and the lives of everyone he loves? And is it possible to spend eternity with a creature from another world?

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